The Residence Halls Association and BLM

In light of the events that have plagued the Black community in America, the Residence Halls Association and the Executive board of the 64th session have made a statement with support in our hearts for the black community in the United States and here in our own UM community:

Dear Residents and members of the University of Michigan community,

The Residence Hall Association stands in solidarity with the Black community and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement against continued actions of police violence and racism. We are appalled by the actions that led up to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others both seen and unseen. We hear the voices of grief from the Black community both nationwide and within our university and we can not allow the injustice to continue.

We hope to foster a culture of kindness and respect for all of our residents and students in our community and we strive for creating inclusive and welcoming living and learning environments for all. We have been silent and complacent in our part of the fight against persistent racism and prejudice which can not and will no longer be accepted. We cannot ignore the injustices of institutional racism, hate crimes, and microaggressions that Black individuals face daily. In order to uphold our mission, we must assess our own implicit biases and privileges so that we may adopt strategies to prevent discrimination within our organization. We are dedicated to creating action steps to promote our ideals and have outlined our commitments below: 

  • Facilitate mandatory training of RHA and Hall Council members on MESA’s 10 Ways to be Anti-Racist  guide (sent out to all students)
  • Serve as a platform for Black voices to be heard by Administration in meetings and committees
  • Provide residents opportunities for involvement in events, seminars, and performances both on and off-campus in Black communities
  • Collaborate with student organizations on initiatives of diversity programming and awareness through advocacy and by hosting spaces for dialogue
  • Furthering conversations on campus by echoing voices of student organizations and applying them to our own initiatives

We advocate for every resident to have their voices and concerns addressed to the fullest extent possible through all avenues. Systemic racism, police brutality, and the prison industrial complex have devastating effects on Black communities and we are committed to working against racial oppression continually in order to create systemic change towards equity. 


Residence Halls Association

2020-2021 Executive Board

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