About the R.H.A.

What is RHA?

Residence Halls Association is a student government made up of residents for the purpose of improving the livelihood of residents through legislation, event planning, and advocacy. The executive board operates assembly meetings, creates a budget plan, oversees the assembly and committees, and meets with housing officials as well as other student orgs. The assembly representatives make up the committees to handle specific tasks as outlined in the constitution. The representatives then act as a liaison between hall councils and the executive board. The hall councils make use of funds to improve the conditions and environment of their individual dorms.

Vision: To successfully create an environment where all University of Michigan Students have a decent place to live where they feel safe and welcome. In doing so, we hope to remove some of the stress of college and promote a productive and happy college experience.

Mission: To create an enjoyable living experience for all residents at the University of Michigan through programming, representation, and promotion of personal, educational, and financial support programs.