61st Session Committees:

Allocations and Budget Committee (ABC):

This committee works alongside the Vice President of Finance in fiscal matters. This committee reviews and approves the RHA General Budget, allocates money to the Hall and Multicultural Councils, and processes funding requests from outside organizations. The membership of this committee is closed to RHA Representatives.

Conferences and Bidding Committee (CAB):

This committee organizes participation in conferences with which RHA is affiliated. It also works on bidding for awards on both the regional and national level. Membership is open to any residents of University Housing.

Marketing Committee:

This committee is in charge of publicity for RHA.  They will support RHA by creating and distributing marketing materials.  They will also run the various social media accounts and act as the RHA photographers. Membership is open to any residents of University Housing.

Sustainability, Housing Advocacy, and Dining Efforts Committee (SHADE):

This committee addresses all issues of concern to residents relating to their interactions with University Housing, Dining and its affiliates. This includes facilities, transportation, information-technology, ResComp, housing application, housing sign-up and ResStaff. This committee is also charged with initiating sustainable efforts across campus. Membership is open to any resident of University Housing.

Programming and Services Committee (ProgServ):

This committee develops and implements all large programming held by the RHA Assembly. Examples of past events have been Amazing Race, Siblings’ Weekend and Yost Skate Night. Membership is open to any resident of University Housing.

Board of Committee Chairs (BOCC):

This committee is charged with ensuring good and thorough communication between the other committees of RHA and deals with any intra-committee issues that may arise. Membership is comprised of Chairs, Co-Chairs and other leadership of the RHA Standing Committees, RHA special committees and other appointed members.

Rates Special Committee:

This committee works alongside the RHA President to negotiate the costs of living on campus. Members of the committee meet with University of Michigan administrators to negotiate the proposed rate of change for the following fiscal year. This committee is closed to selected RHA Representatives.