Welcome Home 2020!

The U of M Residence Halls Association is excited to present our first ever Welcome Home event! The event is a re-envisioning of the annual Preclass Bash with the goal of strengthening a sense of home for residents in Michigan Housing. Each student, faculty, and staff member’s health and safety is a top priority of Housing and RHA. Therefore the event has been planned differently this year in mind of COVID-19.

“Welcome Home 2020” will be a scavenger hunt event from August 28th- September 21st with prizes at different locations at the University of Michigan. This event will allow for students to tour the campus and learn about different areas and features of the campus and its history as well as engage students in an outdoor event with tangible activities and prizes. RHA is working on engaging vendors and ordering merch as well as ensuring social distancing and potential COVID-19 procedures can be followed and enforced in this activity.

The event will be comprised of both photo/video submissions and text submissions that are mixture of fun and informative. These include doing a bit of research, following announcements, visiting spots on campus, and getting to know our constituents! There will be two kinds of prizes. The first is surprise physical items that can be collected at some of the locations to visit. The second is prizes to the top scorers for completed challenges delivered to their residence halls at the end of the hunt. New challenges are posted every three days.

This event will use Goosechase, an app for creating and facilitating scavenger hunts, which can be downloaded on mobile by following these links for either an Apple iPhone or Android device. Use the gamecode: QM7551 and password: Goblue! in order to join!

We hope you enjoy what we’ve planned for you and again, welcome home!