RHA Social Week Kick-off

One part of the experience of living in residence halls is the ability to form a community where people come together and socialize. The ability to do so has never been more difficult due to the presence of COVID-19. In order to restore the community and socialization aspect, RHA and its affiliated councils are hosting a week of social events. RHA Social Week begins with our kick off event October 29th at 7:00PM! The week is filled with events from your hall councils meant to help residents meet new people and socialize while being responsible and social distancing. Those events will be added to our RHA Google Calendar which you can find here.

There will be four rooms, the links to which you can find below. They are the game room, trivia room, speed meeting room, and the origami room. Each room can be joined at any time, but the activity may already be in progress and you may have to wait to participate(varies depending on the activity, but will not exceed 10 minutes).

The game room consists of Among Us, Uno, Cards Against Humanity, and Skribbl.io rooms. Among Us has a free mobile version and a $5 PC version. Uno requires Google Chrome and an extension. CAH and Skribbl.io only require a web browser.

Passcode: gameroom

You will need either a phone or browser to use parallel to Zoom. The trivia includes a wide array of Kahoots as well as Jackbox Trivia games! Welcome to join at any time. The games will be restarted on a rotating basis.

passcode: trivia

Random breakout rooms (1-2 minutes) with some debatable questions for sparking up a conversation! Take the chance to meet new people in this year where it has been difficult to do so. Bring your amazing energy and join at any time!

Passcode: 1234

Join other residents for a session of origami making including a pumpkin for the festivities!

No passcode to join.