Petition Information

As residents of University Housing, students have the ability to enact change in the Residence Halls Association (RHA) and residence halls through the use of petitions. These petitions allow residents to have a greater voice and help alert RHA to problems throughout the residence halls. In order for a petition to be considered, it must collectively be signed by 500 residents, which will ensure a response from RHA.

To affect change in a single residence hall, please direct your concerns to the specific Hall Council or Combined Council.


1. Fill out the Petition_Template form and email it to

2. The petition will be put on the website and will need at least 500 signatures.

3. Once 500 signatures have been collected, RHA will debate and accept the petition or send it to a vote of the entire resident body.

4. The filer of the petition will be notified of the result and it will be posted on the site.

Current Petitions