Welcome to the Finance Page for The Residence Halls Association. This page contains the resources pertaining to funding for RHA affiliates. Please review all applicable documents carefully before applying for funding. Contact with any questions.

Community Council Fund (CCF)

The CCF is the primary funding source for councils. It plots a financial and event schedule for the semester. Please follow all the instructions before submitting the appropriate documents to All documents will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Allocations and Budgeting Committee of the RHA, and then discussed and voted on by the General Assembly of The Residence Halls Association. For 2019, Councils automatically receive funding for Fall and Winter semesters based on the number of students in that Council’s Residence Hall. If councils, or student organizations that are affiliated with the University of Michigan Housing, would like additional funding, they can submit a Supplemental CCF found below.

Supplemental CCF
Deadline: Rolling Application

Not sure what a good CCF looks like? Below are two example CCF’s from the past one good, the other great, for you to take a look. Please note that these are samples from past years and not all events may have been funded, but this is what we are looking for.

Good: good_ccf

Great: great_ccf

*RHA is no longer funding student organizations that are outside of Housing. If you are one of those student organizations and are looking for funding, here are some sourcing that may be helpful.