Welcome to the Finance Page for The Residence Halls Association. This page contains the resources pertaining to funding for RHA affiliates as well as non-affiliated student organizations. Please review all applicable documents carefully before applying for funding. Contact with any questions.

Community Council Fund (CCF)

This is a fund form which Hall, Multicultural, and Conjoined Councils may request additional funding. At the start of the academic year, each council, Hall, Multicultural or Conjoined, will receive $6.93 per resident from RHA. This CCF Form is to request additional money from RHA.

This fund is broken down into three parts: 40% of this fund is delegated to Fall CCF, 40% to Winter CCF and 20% to Supplemental CCF. Below you will find the deadlines and applications for CCF.

The process is broken down into two forms that both must be filled out: The CCF Form and the Funding Follow Up Form. Links to both are below.

Fall CCF: ccf_fall_2016
Deadline: November 1st, 2017

Winter CCF: Winter 2017 CCF
Deadline: 11:59 p.m. on January 31, 2018

CCF Supplemental: CCF Supplemental 2016-2017
Deadline: Rolling application

Not sure what a good CCF looks like? Below are two example CCF’s from the past one good, the other great, for you to take a look. Please note that these are samples from past years and not all events may have been funded, but this is what we are looking for.

Good: good_ccf

Great: great_ccf

Funding Requests

If you wish to apply for funding from RHA, please read the allocation guidelines to determine your organization is eligible for funding.

Funding Requests are requests from any student organization both affiliated and not affiliated with RHA or University Housing. Events that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion may apply for up to $800. Organizations can make a Funding Request by filling out the following application. The more detail, the better: Non-Affiliate Funding Request Form

Internal requests are requests from RHA standing and special committees only. The committee can make an internal funding request by filling out the following form: Internal Funding Request Form

Any and all student organizations receiving money must fill out and submit the Funding Follow Up Form within the 7 days immediately after their event. Funding Follow Up Form

Please follow all the instructions before submitting the appropriate documents to All documents will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Allocations and Budgets Committee of RHA, and then discussed and voted on by the General Assembly of The Residence Halls Association.

All groups requesting funds will be asked to come before the assembly to present their funding proposal. Any materials turned in after the Allocations and Budgets Committee’s weekly meeting and before the General Assembly meetings will not be taken into consideration for the General Assembly debate.