Executive Board

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Karma Karira


Currently a Sophomore majoring in Business Administration.

Favorite places on campus: The Law Quad and Law Library.

Most recent binge watch: The Office.

Advice for freshmen: “This year has presented us with new challenges and unimaginable change. These times have also shown the growth and strength in all of us and I am hopeful and excited for the adaptations we will be making throughout the academic year 2020-2021! My advice for incoming freshmen would be: learn to love learning, keep an open mind to new opportunities, set aside time for self care. There are so many great resources, opportunities, and events at the University of Michigan and in Ann Arbor and I definitely suggest looking out for new experiences that broaden your mindset and knowledge of different cultures and perspectives. Embrace your curiosity and enjoy the new and the different. Throughout all the excitement of your first year, you should set aside time for yourself, your wellness, and general self-care, know that you are loved, supported, and that you can reach out to others and services on campus (including the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)) if you need help with adjusting to this new environment or schedule. I hope you have a great semester and, know that all of us at RHA are here for you!”

Agnes K. Dunne

Executive Vice President

Currently a Sophomore majoring in International Studies.

Agnes’ favorite spot on campus is the East Quad Dining Hall.

Most recent binge watch: Parks and Rec.

Advice for freshmen: “Be yourself there so many unique opportunities here!”

Isabella Tape

Vice President for Finance

Currently a Sophomore majoring in Psychology and History of Art w/ a minor in Writing.

Isabella’s favorite spot on campus is the second floor of Tappan Hall. “Its such a pretty and peaceful place to study.”

Most recent binge watches: Shameless and How I Met Your Mother!!

Advice for freshmen: “Step out of your comfort zone just a little! Remember that there are so many resources to fall back on at U of M 🙂 you are so loved here.”

Thomas Oscar

Vice President for Internal Relations

Currently a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Thomas’s favorite spot on campus is the Duderstadt Center which has a lot of resources available to students including 3-D Printers!

Most recent binge watch: Queens Gambit.

Advice for freshman: “Being away from home for the first time can be hard especially with difficult classes. Look for someone you can talk to in tough times. Find activities that you enjoy to relieve stress. Love yourself and believe in your potential for success. Good luck!”

Jasmine Miller

Vice President for National Relations

Currently a senior.

Jasmine’s favorite spot in Ann Arbor is Kerrytown.

Most recent binge watch: Bojack Horsemen.

Advice for freshmen: “You don’t have to take a single math class to graduate if you try hard enough.”