Plants in the Halls!

In Fall 2017, a committee of RHA members known as SHADE (Sustainable Housing and Dining Efforts) formed. The committee usually works to resolve sustainability issues within the residence hall but the 2017 committee saw an opportunity to also address a common issue around well being, Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D. The committee came up with 2 initiatives plant and sun-lamps. The committee surveyed hall and multicultural councils around what type of plants and a good location for the plants and sun-lamps. They wrote a proposal and started working with the Housing Team of Auxiliary Capital Projects. Together the SHADE and Auxiliary Capital Projects were able to fine-tune the proposal and identify key needs in the project.

During Summer 2018, the project took a dip because of the break schedule.


In Fall 2018, the current e-board followed up on the promises made by the 61st session of RHA. They continued to work with Auxiliary Capital Projects and housing administration to provided this initiative to the residents. RHA is covering the initial cost of the plants to be installed in ALL Undergrad Residential Communities and Housing operations will pick up the continues cost for upkeep of the plants. Sun-lamps will be purchase by RHA and available for check out at select Community Centers starting in January 2019. RHA and Housing Administration hopes that this project will bring joy to the residents during their time in our halls.