Meet the Executive Board

President: Dylan Rushton


The President of the Residence Halls Association (RHA) is the elected chief officer of the organization and as such has the ability to speak on behalf of the entire organization as well as on behalf of all the residents whom RHA represents. The President also chairs each assembly meeting, acts as signatory for all RHA matters, and has the ability to form and terminate special committees.

Dylan is a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Biochemistry. He believes that by working together, we can truly better the living experience at Michigan. He looks forward to your input by email or in person at the RHA Office. Contact Dylan at

Executive Vice President: Ryan Richserious_me__2__720

The Executive Vice President manages and assists both the Executive Board of the Michigan Residence Halls Association and their General Assembly. They chair all Executive Board Meetings as well as serve as the Chair of the Committee Co-Chairs. Additionally, the EVP chairs all General Assembly Meetings in the Absence of the President. The EVP is the holder of both the RHA Constitution as well as the Constitutions of the Hall and Multicultural Councils. The EVP serves as the Parliamentarian and enforcer of attendance policy. They also receive and review all petitions upon submission. The EVP understands the role and work of every member of the Executive Board in order to assist them and, if necessary, temporarily fill in for them.

Ryan is a sophomore studying Psychology and Sociology with the hopes of earning a masters degree in Public Policy. He is a beekeeper, camp counselor, and loves reading. Agatha Christie is his favorite author right now and if you can’t find him, he may be napping. Contact Ryan at

Vice President of Finance: Austin Osagieaosagi00

The Vice President for Finance of the Residence Hall Association is responsible for managing the budget of the organization. This includes processing and recording all RHA transactions, distributing money for initial dues, the community council funds, and external funding requests, and interfacing with SOAS and various housing officials. Additionally, the VPF advises the Allocations and Budgeting Committee, which determines grant amounts for community council funds and funding requests.

Austin is a sophomore studying Computer Science. He loves reading, listening to the Beatles, coding, and sleeping, if he can find the time for it. He hopes to go to med school or become a software developer.

Vice President of Internal Relations: Taylor LindTaylor

The Vice President of Internal Relations’ main responsibility is overseeing the local councils in every residence hall. The VPIR reviews the minutes taken at each of their weekly meetings and acts as a resource for them when questions arise that their local ResStaff and/or Hall Director cannot answer. Additionally, the VPIR has the responsibility of overseeing a committee of RHA and handling the maintenance and coordination of renting our event machines to other organizations.

Taylor is a sophomore applying to the Organizational Studies major, with a minor in Economics. She is interested in specializing her degrees in sustainability and the environment in hopes to have a career in an impactful environmental organization. She thoroughly enjoys jammin’ to a wide variety of music and her native California coast. Contact Taylor at

Vice President of National Relations: John Banna

17903347_1315056625242104_4387372704286505328_n (1)The Vice President for National Relations is the NCC of RHA. The position handles all conferences and bidding for awards. Currently, the University of Michigan RHA attends GLACURH and NACURH. The Vice President for National Relations oversees the Conferences and Bidding Committee.

John is a freshman pre-med student also applying to the LSA Computer Science major. He enjoys a nice warm cup of coffee (perhaps, several a day), attending music concerts, and he is an avid sports fan. He is from Chicago, Illinois and thus his favorite team is the Chicago Bears, despite their lack of recent success. Contact John at

Vice President of Records: Matthew MalinakCaptain

The Vice President of Records is responsible for the minutes and archiving of RHA proceedings. The VPR is the advisor for the Programming and Services Committee (ProgServ).

Matt is a junior studying Industrial and Operations Engineering hailing  from Canton, MI. His life consists of RHA, robots, hockey, and sometimes school. Contact Matt at

Vice President of Marketing: Vacant

The Vice President for Marketing is responsible for marketing RHA events and RHA as a whole to the residents. This includes all media platforms as well as tabling events and flyers. The position handles all uses of the logos and branding for RHA. The Vice President of Marketing also oversees the Marketing committee.

At this time, the Vice President for Marketing position is vacant

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