Rates Release by Dylan

University of Michigan Residence Halls Association

Press Release from the Office of the President

To Whom It May Concern:

Approximately one month ago, the Board of Regents approved a 3% increase in rates of room and board for the 2018 fiscal year affecting the 2017-2018 Academic year as recommended by the Residence Halls Association. This was determined through a number of meetings between Student Life officials and the Residence Halls Association’s Rates Special Committee. This number was put to a vote on Thursday, April 6th. 2017 in which the assembly approved the increase. This increase consists of two parts:

  1. A 2% Increase for financing the Residential Life Initiatives.

These initiatives have been the source of the large improvements which have been seen across campus since 2008, beginning with the establishment of the Hill Dining Center and renovations to Mosher-Jordan Hall. This portion was recommended by the Residence Halls Association but it was also noted that the following session, the 61st, and all future sessions do not approve this 2% increase in the future until “plans for near-future Residential Life Initiative (RLI) projects are made to the residential student body’s satisfaction and …  significant steps are taken to reduce the annually increasing burden of the Residence Life Initiative (RLI)-related rates on the students” and “RHA will seek conversations with relevant University officials to propose an alternative system for financing and enhancing the Residential Life Initiatives”

  1. A 1% Operational Increase

This number increased to account for increasing utility costs as well as food prices. The number was reduced through cuts made by Housing and Dining. Although students will see an increase in costs, Housing has agreed to better manage a number of issues which are laid out in Appendix A of the attached legislation. This will improve the conditions of the residential halls. The Residence Halls Association intend to continue to represent the best interests of the residents on campus. We look forward to productive discussions with Student Life in the upcoming winter semester to continue improving the residence halls. Attached below is the full legislation which RHA approved earlier this year.


Dylan M. Rushton


Contact: rha.president@umich.edu


RHA 40617-1 FY-18 Rates