Fall Retreat 2016

In October, RHA had an exciting night hosting Hall and Multicultural Councils from all of the residence halls on campus in a three hour event to inform and educate. After some amazing introductions from RHA’s Executive Board, the numerous councils learned about RHA and our mission on the University of Michigan campus.

An important topic to tackle for the night was the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative, making sure that everyone in attendance understood the gravity of the situations on campus that had transpired in the previous weeks, in addition to planning ways that each and every council could contribute to the effort of making our campus a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. All of the councils were tasked with planning and implementing an event in their residence hall that would promote an aspect of the DEI initiative and reach out to all of the people in their communities that may have been affected by the events that occurred on campus in the first few months of the semester. Overall, RHA believes that it was a good first step in creating a better campus environment for residences and students.

The last part of the retreat focused on the councils, with several breakout sessions that catered to specific positions in the Executive Boards of the Hall and Multicultural councils. These informative sessions were aimed at giving members training that they could implement in their own councils to make impactful events and programs for the residences of the University of Michigan. RHA thanks for every council that came and participated, making this event one of the books!

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