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Board of Committee Chairs (BOCC):

This committee is charged with ensuring good and thorough communication between the other committees of RHA and deals with any intra committee issues that may arise. Its membership is comprised of Chairs, co-Chairs and other leadership of the RHA Standing Committees, RHA special committees and other appointed members.

Allocations and Budget Committee (ABC):

This committee reviews and approves the RHA General Budget as well as funding allocations and requests. The membership of this committee is closed to RHA Representatives.

Committee for Conferences and Philanthropy (CCAP):

This committee organizes participation in, and the hosting of conferences with which RHA is affiliated. Its membership is open to any residents of University-owned housing.

Committee for a Diverse and Welcoming Community (CDWC):

This committee addresses all areas of concern pertaining to diversity, social justice, and community service in the residence halls. In particular, this committee is charged with the creation and execution of programs relating to these issues and opening communication between multicultural councils. Its membership is open to any resident of University-owned housing.

Housing Advocacy and Rates Committee (HARC):

This committee addresses all issues of concern to residents relating to their interactions with University Housing and its affiliates. This includes dining services, facilities, transportation, information-technology, ResComp, housing application, housing sign-up and ResStaff. This committee also participates in the University Housing process of determining room and board rates, keeping student opinion at the forefront of the committee's concerns. Its membership is closed to RHA Representatives. 

Internal Review Committee (IRC):

This committee reviews the governing documents of RHA annually and proposes legislation to the Assembly. Its membership is closed to RHA Representatives.

Programming and Services Committee (ProgServ):

This committee develops and implements all large programming held by the RHA Assembly. Examples of past events have been Amazing Race and Siblings' Weekend. Its membership is open to any resident of University-owned housing.

Executive Board Bios, Positions, and Emails

Chrissi.jpgChristianna Pedley

Position: President
Chrissi is a junior currently studying English with a minor in Earth Sciences. Her favorite movie is Mulan, she works at the University Hospital, and one day hope to take a road trip and visit all 50 states.

DeAngelo.jpegDeAngelo Dortch

Position: Executive Vice President
DeAngelo is a junior majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. He can play the saxophone and the euphonium. Amazingly, he is the only male born in his family in the past 20 years.

Joey.pngJoseph Mannino

Position: Vice President for Finance
Joey is currently a sophomore studying Accounting. He loves math (hence his major), loves to bake, and he can dislocate his shoulder on command.


Connor.jpgConnor VanDenBosch

Position: Vice President for Internal Relations
Connor is a sophomore who is majoring in Political Science and Economics. He was born in Alaska, but now considers Bay City, MI to be his hometown. Also, when he was a kid, ET used to terrify him.

Josh.jpgJoshua Denzler

Position: Vice President for National Relations
Josh is a sophomore studying Business Administration at the Ross School of Business. He is partially fluent in American Sign Language, has been to the highest point of the Great Wall of China twice, and currently anchors on WOLV-TV's "Newsfeed".

ME!!!!!!_1.jpegThomas Degroat

Position: Vice President for Records
Thomas, known mostly as Tommy, is a sophomore studying Neuroscience. He has an obsession with the venerated author George Orwell, and has a small collection of Orwell memorabilia (like a finger puppet of the author). He also is in love with Bryan Fuller and all of his creations.

Saharsh Hajela

Position: Vice President for Marketing
Saharsh is a freshman pursuing a dual major in Computer Science and Economics.   He is also a member of Michigan's Ballroom Dance Team and hopes to one day become a consultant. 

View the Official RHA Constitution (PDF)

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